Winter Tree Care Arlington Heights

Most people think fall is a quiet time when it comes to gardening. For flowers and other small plants that are true, but fall is a good time to plant new trees or bushes. Other tree and bush maintenance can also be done in the fall because of the same reason. Trees and bushes go into a winter hibernation. This helps to keep them from being damaged by the cold weather of winter but also helps protect them from damage that can occur from transplanting or other actions.

Tree Care Arlington Heights

When getting your tree ready for winter you need to keep in mind two things, nutrients, and water. The natural process for this is for the trees to shed their leaves and cover the ground with them. The leaves then decompose, and the nutrients seep into the soil. Since most homeowners clean up the leaves during the fall, the trees do not get as many nutrients as they would need. Adding additional nutrients to the ground will help keep your tree safe through the winter and start out of the gate next spring with full healthy leaves. Making sure that there is enough water will also help it grow. Watering before the freezing weather comes to town will help keep your tree healthy the coming winter.

Tree Planting Arlington Heights

While most people look to spring to plant trees, this can actually cause more harm. In spring the tree’s systems are starting up, and movement or cutting can put stress on those systems. This can stunt the tree’s growth or even lead to the death of the tree. Fall’s cooler weather puts less strain on trees and bushes meaning you’ll have healthy ones ready to go next spring.

Tree Removal

In addition to tree planting, Tree removal during the fall is also less stressful on the trees and surrounding plants. Removing trees is a big job, requiring a lot of moving around and digging. This can put stress on the plants in the surrounding area. Because most tree root systems are still active after the tree has been removed, you could see the growth of a new tree or other parts. Because those systems are less active in the fall they won’t do much growing and by the time the spring comes around the root systems will die off leaving you with open area for a new tree or expanding your lawn or garden.

Tree Trimming Arlington Heights

Branches die on a tree all the time. The reason for this is a branch pathway is using more and not giving back as much as it should. It is a natural process that has been going on for milinas. However even though the branches die, they do not always fall off. When they do they become dead weight on the tree and can become brittle. During the winter heavy snow piles up on these branches and can break them, causing damage to whatever they hit on the way down. Dead branches also attract insects that like to burrow inside and hibernate for the winter. By Trimming in the winter you can help keep your tree, home, and yourself safe during the winter, and help remove insects that feed on trees as well.

Tree Service Arlington Heights

Knowledge is always the best tool, and the professional arborists at Gray Tree Serice have the knowledge you need to keep your trees safe and healthy. Our specialized tree care will keep your home safe from falling branches and trees safe from insects and diseases.